hi, this is me, matilda!

Matilda ORIG.jpg

I'm a dreamer and a designer.

I'm Helsinki based designer and I graduated 2015 from Lahti Institute of Design, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design as my major and now I started my Master level studies at Aalto University, Product and Spatial Design department.

Being a designer is not only my profession it is my passion. I believe in better tomorrow with environmental friendly values and I think that designers have a great responsibility to make that happen.

I enjoy well designed products that have that certain something about them. Sometimes it's a beautiful detail in them or sometimes it's the product's character that catches my eye. I wish to design products, services and spaces in sustainable way and I hope I can enhance my surroundings and create joy and experiences with my designs.

To see beauty around you, you have to learn how to see. For me a huge part of learning how to be a designer was to learn how to see.

Many times people regard sensibility and vulnerability as weaknesses but in time I have learned that they are my greatest strengths as a designer.

As being sensitive I observe the world in details and in great curiosity. In that curiosity my creativity comes from.

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. You just have to be open for it.
I am.



Photo by Sonya Mantere